I expanded my race engine building services to include street TR6 engines. Over 46 years’ experience with Triumph TR6’s. From bone stock, mild street performance to high street performance, usually in stock and ready to install. All engines are tested and run prior to sale, and I can even add your accessories for complete tuning ease. Just install and turn the key and you’re ready to enjoy the road. Custom services for your engine also available. Options available for all engines are: Good Parts: Harmonic damper kit, Roller Rocker assembly, lightweight steel flywheel; Paltech Hitachi SU carb conversion, Stromberg carb rebuilding; and Distributor rebuilding service. Call for quotes. Below is a description of the mild street performance engine.

Estimated at 135 HP. Recent chassis dyno results showed 35-50 HP gain over bone stock engine. Late or early Model TR250/TR6 engine with performance modifications. New Good products GP-2 new billet camshaft. New engine seals & gaskets. Also new Delco distributors for an additional $200. New rocker shaft, Valves reground with new HP valve springs, bronze guides and valve seals. Head milled for 9.5:1 compression. Crank reground to .010/.010 with new tri-metal bearings. New .020 cast pistons and rings, new oil pump, new high performance lifters, High performance ARP rod bolts & new timing chain and tensioner. External oil feed line to head and spin on adaptor oil filter. Connecting Rods sized and reconditioned. No fuel pump, water pump housing or distributor. Price $4,350 with rebuildable core exchange, $4,750 without core exchange. Prices subject to change without notice.

This build has been extremely successful and very popular. Runs on regular unleaded fuel and easy to maintain. I try to keep a few completed engines in stock, however due to demand my inventory moves out quickly. Call for availability. Engines can be shipped; however, all logistics and insurance are your responsibility. I will crate an engine for an additional $350. Turnaround time for most engines is 8 weeks. All rebuilds are completely stripped and thoroughly cleaned with freeze plugs and oil galley plugs removed. Engines are all painted black.

TR6 Differentials for sale

Also available this year are TR250/TR6 differentials. All differentials are thoroughly cleaned, inspected for wear and painted black. Pinion depth and backlash are checked and brought into specifications. Price, $650 with rebuildable core exchange, $750 with no core exchange. Contact Sam Halkias @ atr6racer@hotmail.com or call 614-582-0232


My parts business is located at 539 Cambrian Road just east of Urbana.

The phone number is 937 834-1690.

I can supply new parts, used parts and some NOS. I sell Moss, Roadster Factory, BPNW, among others parts at dealer’s cost to Buckeye Triumph club members.

My website is www.triumphparts.com

Doug Braden
Doug’s British Car Parts
539 Cambrian Road
Cable, OH 4300


The new BRITSPEED accelerator shaft bushing kit for TR250 and TR6 cars makes the replacement of tired and worn nylon accelerator shaft bushings a breeze and will deliver the added advantages of long-lasting wear and positive throttle positioning.

Bob DeShane of Little Britain Motor Company developed the innovative new approach when confronted with yet another customer’s flopping TR6 accelerator shaft.  He said: “After forty odd years of swearing that I’ll never do another of these jobs, I said ‘yes’ again and then I kicked myself for it, but I realized that I likely wasn’t the only guy in the world that felt the same way.  I needed to find a better solution and chuck those standard replacement parts in the bin. So, it was up to me to do something about it… and I did.  Now, I am offering it to Triumph owners.”

The experience of replacing TR250 and TR6 accelerator shaft bushings with those standard nylon bearing offerings is one of the most frustrating, curse-inducing repair procedures ever created.  It will fray your nerves and your mouth will utter things that would make your mother shudder.  The job is just plain difficult and almost impossible. Often the result is ruined parts, scratched paint and bleeding fingers.  In fact, the whole exercise is a monumental waste of your time. If you dare take it to your friendly repair shop to waste their time, it will be accompanied with a sizeable repair bill …just for spite.

Curse no longer!  This new approach is a walk in the park and inexpensive too.  Your right foot will love it.

Available now for only $19.95.

To place an order or for more information go to the company website:


Or call: 705-878-5422


Our new Buckeye Triumphs member Marc Wagers has opened a shop in Mansfield, near the downtown area.  He formerly worked at Tom Metcalf’s shop in Mansfield that is well know to MG owners, Safety Fast.  Marc is wanting to do all types of service on our little cars.  His shop is called Driven Classics at 134 N. Franklin Street, Mansfield, OH  44902, phone is 419-564-5827.  Web address is DrivenClassicsGarage.com.