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In Memoriam

The Central Ohio British car community lost a dear friend, Eric Jones, to mesothelioma.  In memory of Eric, we offer the following informational article.

Automotive Enthusiasts Should Be Aware of Asbestos Hazard

Please refer to the Mesothelioma and Asbestos Awareness Center website for additional information.



British Automotive Maintenance 101



Accelerator Shaft Bearings

TR250 and TR6 Brakes:
Theory & Overview
Overhauling Brake Master Cylinder & PDWA 
Overhauling Brake Servo
Overhauling Pedal Assembly
Overhauling Front Brakes
Overhauling Rear Brakes
Overhauling Handbrake
Overhauling Brake Pipes
Selecting Brake Fluid
Bleeding & Adjusting Brakes
Make your own Power Brake Bleeder


TR250 and TR6 Carburetors:
Part I - Disassembly & Theory
Part II – The Overhaul
Part III – Reinstall, Tune and Troubleshooting  
Powder Coating ZS Carbs 
Replacing Fixed Needles with Adjustable Needles 
Air/Fuel Monitor 
Using Air/Fuel Monitor

TR250 and TR6 Clutch:
Reliable Clutch
Clutch Checklist 
Clutch Release Calculations  
Clutch Release Measurements 
Removing Broken Clutch Fork Pins 
Clutch Operating Shaft Overhaul (and that nasty pin)
Clutch Hydraulics Overhaul   
Sticky Clutch 
Clutch Release Bearing Woes

GT6 Clutch:  
Chirping GT6 Throw Out Bearing

TR250 and TR6 Gearbox:
Overhaul Part 1
Overhaul  Part 2
Cover Overhaul

Adding OD Isolator Switches to Gearbox Top Cover
Gearbox Lubricants

A Type Overdrive:
Final Assembly and Testing

J Type Overdrive:
Part I - Theory   
Part II - Disassembly  
Part III - Reassembly 
Part IV -Testing & Troubleshooting

Adapting J Type Overdrives to Early Frames


TR250 and TR6 Steering and Suspension:
Adjusting Rear Suspension Camber
Rear Suspension Geometry


TR6 Shop Reference Data

Road Speed vs. Engine Speed Calculator

Opening Bonnet After Release Cable Breaks

Stainless Steel Fasteners for TR6

Equipment for Powder Coating

Reupholstering TR6 Seats

Repairing TR6 Taillight Sockets

Repairing Stripped Threads Using Inserts

TR250/TR6 Soft Top Installation

How the TR6 Can Work For A Tall Person 

Stromberg 175CD Easy Spindle Bearing Upgrade

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