Clutch Checklist

 Jay Welch has contributed the following:

I think a checklist is useful to individuals that are new to the world of clutch systems and to us as a whole to get a grip on this troublesome clutch system.  Most people just want to get in and get out when doing a clutch and who can blame them.  My thoughts are that if people approach a clutch with the intention of gathering information along the way, it might help them as well as all of the other Triumph 6 cylinder owners with future clutch problems.  We could also pressure the parts distributors to get their act together if we had data.

Jay Welch, Abington MA
1971 TR6 project
1973 TR6 driver - wanting to "Drive it Hard"
Member "Cape Cod British Car Club" @

The checklist is available in both Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat format and can be downloaded by clicking the links below.  Note: to download using a Netscape browser, left click and then select "Save it to disk"; if using Internet Explorer, right click and select "Save Target as.......   

TR6 Clutch Checklist (Word format)

TR6 Clutch Checklist (Adobe Acrobat format)



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