TR6 Shop Reference Data 

Jay Welch of  Abington, Massachusetts ( has passed on a file containing  TR6 reference data he uses in the shop. The file is in both Microsoft Word format and Adobe Acrobat format  and may be downloaded by clicking the link s below.    Note: to download using a Netscape browser, left click and then select "Save it to disk"; if using Internet Explorer, right click and select "Save Target as.......   

TR6 Shop Reference Data (MS Word)  (Updated file posted 3/12/02)

TR6 Shop Reference Data (pdf)  (Updated file posted 3/12/01)

Jay treats the file as a living document, adding new information as he learns it. (We all have received a tip on where to buy something, how to adjust something, etc. and then forget to write it down or forget where we wrote it down.)   When the copy in use becomes soiled, out of date or lost, he merely prints a new one.   He also points out that the font size can be changed easily so those of us that prefer compact information can reduce the print size.  On the other hand, some of the more mature folks may require larger type ........  

Thanks to Jay for providing us with a excellent tool.  Each of us can use the file as it is or as a starting point to modify to match our specific circumstances, car model etc.

Buckeye Triumphs will be happy to add similar files for other Triumph models you are willing to share.  Contact the webmaster.