Mark Macy’s Garage in Tipp City, Ohio

By Bill Blake

I stopped by Macy’s Garage last Friday the 11th, it is located just north of I-70 the last exit before I-75. Going north thru an urban retail sprawl you reach a commercial area with newer metal buildings. Driving back in the complex one finds Macy’s Garage. Mark and Tonda Macy gave me a tour of their very modern facility. They do it all in house, very little is sent out for any reason. They also stock a serious amount of hard parts from sheet metal to bent tubing to replacement parts. This is a restoration facility that turns out 8 to 10 completed units every year. They do minor repairs also!!!! How lucky we are to have this shop just over an hour away from central Ohio. I took a few pictures:




Smaller hard parts in stock. That is Mark! We all know him.

Metallic grey TR6 with a red interior nearing completion. You can have your TR6 done your way and in your color!


Another view along with a blue TR6.

TR4 nearing completion for Tonda.


Several chassis are ready for freshly painted bodies. The white walls are on Huddy’s TR3. His body had been sent to Indy for stripping. Huddy has a TR3???


Before paint bodies are checked and repaired as needed on Mark’s custom made racks, they can be twirled as needed.

Mark has his own bent tubing made for perfect fit.

Looking at another rack. I counted three custom racks.


Across the parking lot is his body shop, complete with paint booth. With this heated system they can spray any time with clean warmed air.


Ferrari red anyone for a TR6?


I was totally impressed with the shop, very clean; the workers were very busy getting TR cars done. This is not your typical repair shop. They are serious about doing it right and doing at a rational cost to preserve these cars for a future generation. All they do is Triumph!

Mark told me many of his customers have never seen his shop since they often are some distance away. They will do most anything your Triumph needs if you can arrange to get it to Tipp City. Minor repairs are done here along with restorations. I am needing a new soft top for my 1974 TR6 for example.

Will we ever see John and Charma Huddy’s TR3 on the road? I think that day is coming now that it is in Mark’s hands.

Check his web site for complete information.


From their web page:

That TR was your baby. It took you to all of those places and events that defined your youth. And when it started to look a little rough around the edges, you tucked it away and vowed to some day give it the restoration that it deserved. Maybe you started to take it apart, but life got in the way and your precious car sat quietly and waited for ‘some-day’ to arrive, and now the task before you that seems overwhelming. Perhaps it’s time to call in an expert who can reunite you with that fabulous car you once loved so much. From minor repairs and component overhaul to full frame-up restoration, we have the time, talent, tools and expertise to return that special Triumph to its former glory for you. Let us finish your stalled project!

Macy’s Garage

Macy Garage